WHY Do You Weigh Yourself??

scale imageYesterday as I was leaving my gym, I noticed a young woman 20-ish, standing naked on the scale in the locker room.  I also noticed standing near her was another naked woman who was probably her grandmother, waiting for her turn to weigh in.  This caught my attention because I thought to myself why do we weigh ourselves?

Now a lot of  you are thinking,  “Gina done lost her mind! Duh!”   But hang with me here, because you all know that I look at things from a different angle, and generate new perspectives that I share with you.     The important thing, as I am prone to do with EVERYTHING  is to ask the question WHY.    Since I was a kid, that question is so prevalent in my life that I should be known as a whyman, instead of a woman. ( Ok, you know I always sneak in a weird pun.  Let’s hope that’s the only one today.)

Today I want to  invite you to explore the WHY to this question so that you have a vehicle to become more conscious of the many things we all do unconsciously and to break away from the herd and THINK FOR YOURSELF.  This way of thinking is like a muscle, and the more you use it, the stronger it gets.

Ok, so seriously, why do we weigh ourselves? What real purpose does it serve? What does that number on the scale have to do with anything important or relevant in our lives? I’m speaking here of a healthy person, just as a disclaimer. I know that there are some perhaps medical conditions where weight is a determinant or a marker of something, or professional fighters weight themselves for fairness in  the ring,  but I’m speaking just of the average person and particularly women.  What’s the first thought that came to your mind in answer to that question?  Did your brain go all fuzzy with, “hmmm, to find out what I weigh?”  Think again…

That number on the scale has absolutely no meaning other than its purpose to frustrate and lower the self-esteem of almost every woman who steps onto one.    Once you get that number, you IMMEDIATELY (talk about instant non gratification)  feel that there’s something wrong with you. The number is wrong and you need to change it, even if it’s only a couple of pounds.   Which then leads to your endless googling and obsessing about the ultimate weight-loss products, or deciding to go on a diet.   That number leads to comparison of what other people weigh, like that woman you saw in the magazine (which one, so many!) that made you hate your thighs even more than you already do, or your facial lines, or your eyebrows,or your butt, or your…..fill in the blank.

THAT FREAKIN’ NUMBER is a trigger, a catalyst that’s damned near Pavlovian to make you feel bad about you! Pretty soon all you have to do is SEE a scale and you’re terrified.  All those bad feeling start a rush of chemicals in your body, aka hormones, that make you feel like crap about yourself and soon you’re depressed.    In fact, most women will tell you that just the sight of a scale provokes anxiety.   I saw a statistic that said most women weight themselves an average of twice a week, or 104 times a year!   Think about the repetition of an act that makes you feel bad about yourself that many times in a year and the effect that has on your psyche.   That irrelevant number on the scale leads to depression and the sense of inferiority for almost every woman.  Tragically, even anorexics experience exactly the same thing because the number is never small enough.

Realizing they’re not  their “ideal” weight, some women eat their feelings, so  may end up self-soothing with food, and voila, when you step on the scale, guess what??  That sneaky number is bigger.  So you’re now more depressed, and you end up on an anti-depressant, which can make you eat more, eat less, feel suicidal, lose your sex drive, and affect your hormones.  Do you see the vicious cycle that develops just from stepping onto a scale?? Do you see the path of disempowerment that can be triggered by this practice of weighing ourselves?  To some of you it may seem I’m exaggerating, but for many this is truth.

You might argue that someone who is chronically overweight and on a program to lose weight would be inspired by the number coming down, and while that is true to some degree, it is also setting them up to define their successes by THAT NUMBER, rather than celebrating their discipline, commitment and choices, and the obvious visual that they’re shrinking.

Is that number a goal, a target, a golden ticket?  Is it like winning the lottery?  And what is the RIGHT number?  There is no right number on a scale.  It’s an insidious tool to keep you in the marketplace of all the consumerism revolving around deflating and destroying women’s bodies and beauty — and ultimately our power.  The right number comes from you living a healthy, balanced life; body, mind and spirit.  Our mindset is to reward ourselves for a number goal, rather than the goal of living in integrity with our authentic selves.  I wrote a blog post a while back called “Joy, the Key To Weight Loss” (in the archives), and in it I talk about the idea that when we are content inside, we are content outside, and our weight arrives at our most healthy, natural number.

So you see the scale is actually a tool that undermines your self-esteem, your self-worth and a healthy sense of your body.  What if instead of stepping on the scale you simply paid attention to how you feel, to the way your clothes fit? What if you ate a healthy diet and allowed your body to take the shape that it naturally wants to inhabit?  What if you exercised regularly, were emotionally healthy, self-loving and had a strong and comfortable connection to your sexuality?What if you became guided by what you felt on the inside, instead of by the number reflected on the outside? A number, by the way,  chosen by an industry focused on taking your money and your self-worth.    As it’s used by most women, that scale is a weapon of self-destruction

What if you decided to never ever set foot on a scale again to find out what that number is? What if you decided right now to chuck the one you may own?

Because I do share personally, I can tell you that I have truly lived this way. I’ve never personally owned a scale, nor will I.  Like any woman, my weight has fluctuated throughout my life, and I’ve had a  child, so weight gain was part of that experience obviously.   I know personally that when I’ve been unhappy or in self-betrayal, my weight has increased or decreased from what was MY HEALTHY.  My feelings and how my clothes fit were my clues that I needed to make changes in my life.  I wasn’t striving to arrive at a number on a scale, but to arrive at a place of equanimity and joy within me.  And only I know where that place lives inside me.  That place determines my weight, but the number has been unknown to me for years.

Yes, of course I’ve weighed myself at times, but it’s how I know NOT TO.  I’ve been just as affected by seeing a number not aligned with the “ideal.”  I live in the same world with all my sisters and I’m not immune to the subliminal and overt mental manipulations all around me.  I CHOOSE to unplug from them and listen to the voice within me.  She is my compass, my wise woman, and the keeper of my health; body, mind and soul.    In my opinion, our mental health, aka our belief system, is more of a determinant in our self-esteem and physical health  than almost anything else we do.   When you pay attention from the inside, life changes radically.

So I ask you again: why do you weigh yourself?

I’m now asking  you personally as you read this to stop and to answer what may seem like the most mundane and simple question, but to answer it for YOU personally. Answer it with the ideas in mind which I’ve shared with you in this post.  This will give you a window into your own feelings which may be unconscious about your body and your relationship to it.   And I truly hope it inspires you to become a WHYman about EVERYTHING.  (sorry, there it is again.)

If you enjoyed this post, please share it with someone you care about,  Especially the women in your lives.   And that goes for you guys reading this, too.  I hope that for the guys who read my posts, that doors and windows open in your mind to generate a better understanding of some of the challenges women face in the struggle to feel good about themselves.

Ladies, if you’re sick and tired of all the negative manipulations around your body, beauty and power and would like some solid tools to unplug from them and to live aligned with YOUR truth, join me for an interactive teleclass, Eleven Tools to Help You Love the Body You Live In.  If you enjoyed my perspective here, I guarantee you’ll love the tools I give you that will allow you to travel a different path, one where your beauty, your body, your power, are defined by you, and one where you won’t give a damn about that number on the scale, or any of the other self-limiting and deprecating beliefs you may be plugged into.

So if you already know you’ve had enough, sign up HERE. If you’re asking “Why should I sign up?” then this post has been effective. :)  But to answer your question, it’s because I KNOW that I can make a HUGE difference in how you feel about yourself, because I GENUINELY care about you, and because I live these tools. You’ll find just a few of many testimonials on the page for the teleclass.

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IMG_4796With wild, fierce love and gratitude,

Gina Cloud

Ladies, Wake Up YOUR Sleeping Beauty and Stop Exploiting Yourselves


Ladies, it’s time to wake up YOUR Sleeping Beauty.  There is an unconscious part of us as women that actually engages in our own exploitation.  It is a form of mindlessness that we have absorbed since we were little girls. We take part in the commodification of our bodies and our sexuality with very little awareness, and I’ve reached a point in observing this that I cannot stand by without sharing my perspective MORE FIERCELY than usual. I hope that the words in this post will be your Print Charming– Ok, bad pun– but the idea is that these  words serve to awaken you from your coma, dear Sleeping Beauty.  This is another long post, so get cozy…

We teach people how to treat us by how we treat ourselves.  What we believe about ourselves we broadcast out into the Universe and that signal comes back in the form of the people and circumstances we attract into our lives. From the time we are young girls we get messages from all around us that we MUST change our physical appearance in a variety of ways.  The first place seems to be our weight, and I see little girls as young as 10 already obsessing about it and dieting.   Without questioning why, we just start doing things because everyone else does; like messing around with our eyebrows as a simple example.  Now lest I appear judgmental about what women choose to do as their beauty rituals, let me say this.  I have no objection to WHAT you do so much as I ask WHY do you do what you do?  Do you know?  Have you ever stopped to ask yourself or have you just always done so?   So many women spend crazy amounts of time, money and mental energy on a multitude of appearance changing/enhancing products and services, chasing that “ideal” beauty standard and the perfection of our outsides.  Those products and services can alter your appearance so much that in some cases you just don’t look like you.    I saw a recent report that said women will spend an average of $15,000 in their lifetime on makeup alone! Not to mention all the other services and products.   The list is endless really because the industry keeps finding ways to tell you that you’re so flawed and unattractive and will never find a man unless you invest in the latest way to become perfect. So again, I ask you, have you ever actually stopped to ask yourself why? If your first thoughts are things like, “well, I would look like hell otherwise,” or “I hate my ___” fill in the blank, then I  suggest that you’ve been asleep and manipulated most of your life.  If you are doing these things because you don’t feel good enough, then I invite you to revisit doing them at all.  If you do them consciously and you do them FOR YOURSELF, that’s a different story.

I want to ask you, what are you really saying about yourself and what do you really expect to gain when you promote yourself from the outside?  What is the payoff? When it’s all about what you look like and you keep shape shifting to conform to someone else’s idea of beauty and sexiness,  you live in terror of being seen as you really are.  BUT IT’S NOT YOU FAULT, LADIES.  Your self-esteem and self-worth have been systematically and brutally hijacked from your being, so that you have no choice, from that paralyzed, numb place, to adopt the media-driven ideas of what makes a woman desirable and wanted.  It is from this place that our bodies and our sexuality become commodities.

Now let’s turn to how we exploit our own sexuality. I live in Los Angeles and move through the world and see this obsession with manipulating our appearances and pandering the “come fuck me” mindset.  I see women walking in heels so high that they could literally fall off of them and hurt themselves — in the supermarket!  I hear women’s conversations as an outsider and with friends. There is such a focus on sexiness. And so much of the conversation revolves around men and how to “get” them, and sex seems to be the bait, based on how we are focused on our outsides. I see this bartering happening energetically in an unspoken way between men and women. Yes, women’s bodies have been exploited throughout history, but when WE take part in this desecration, we are basically saying, “this is all I’m worth.  The way I look IS my value. If I’m not fuckable, I’m worthless.”  What we don’t understand is that if you actually held your sexuality at such a high value within you, you would attract a man who would have to step up to a place of integrity within himself in order to be with you.  From that place you wouldn’t attract someone interested in the shiny outsides, or who just wanted to fuck you.  The use-you kind of  fuck, not the really good kind. When we live focused on our bodies and our sexuality as our value, we set ourselves up to be used.

When we think so little of ourselves, our bodies, our sexuality, when we give our souls away to look good and use that looking good to seduce a man, what caliber of man could that possibly be?  We aren’t asking much of that man, so he shows up in the smallest version of himself and the most unworthy version of himself to match the unworthiness we feel about ourselves.  And we complain about HIM, but we are creating that reality. I hope this post will cause an awakening within you that will allow you to see things from a perspective that will honor you, ALL of you. When you do, you will discover your true value, worth and inherent power, which has nothing to do with your appearance.  If every woman in the world took this stance, I believe there would be an amazing caliber of men on this planet.  We want better quality men but we are teaching them to expect so little, so they don’t have to step up and deliver with integrity.    I see the responsibility on both sides of the equation, with both genders, but ladies, the real power is within us to change all this. But are we too busy looking in the mirror to even see our power and all that we are capable of being?

Are you willing to take an honest look at how you may be unconsciously exploiting your body and your sexuality?  I’m asking you to look at YOUR MOTIVES underneath it all; to make what’s been unconscious and robotic, conscious.    We have to stop complaining about being used for sex, when we mindlessly walk around grooming ourselves to promote the message that that’s all we are good for. If you want love AND sex, are you really sending out the right signals?

I’m not saying don’t dress the way you want to or to cover yourself up. I love being a woman and I dress the way I want to express my beauty, but my sexuality is not an advertisement that precedes my entrance into the room. Nor is it the primary form of communication I use.  I am sick and tired– yes angry– at seeing young girls taken advantage of because the world we live in sexualizes them so much that they now joke about rape.   I am sick and tired of seeing young girls unable to say no to advances, because at an early age they, too, fall into this deep slumber and believe that’s what they’re here on Earth for, and that being wanted this way makes them special or validates them.  I’m sick and tired of seeing grown women aging and believing that they have no worth, spending even more of their hard-earned money to try to chase youth and get rid of the wrinkles so they can reclaim their desirability and “value.” Doesn’t this piss you off, too?

Your sexuality is a gift and a force.   Explore it, get to know and understand it, and do not allow it to be pillaged or to take part in the ways of our world that promote you as a valueless shell for someone to use and never know YOU; your heart, your soul, your real face.   When you come from a place of honoring your sexuality, it can feed you in ways that you cannot imagine because we live in a sexually shallow society.    One which, by the way, still fears the true depth, intensity and hunger of female sexuality.  When you live in integrity with this part of you, you will attract a higher caliber of man, one who values your sexuality as well, one who has great respect and integrity within himself and for himself, and one with whom you can have mind-blowing otherworldly sex.  So ladies, stop complaining about the man. Part of my inspiration to write this piece was hearing so many women complaining about them.

Know this, too. It’s a lonelier place when you live this way, in the sense that until all women live this way, it will take a while for the world of men to understand the old rules no longer apply, but you will TRULY feel better about yourself and from a place of deep self-love you will know a new kind of joy. I learned this personally the hard way, but it is the absolute truth.

This deep slumber that we are in also keeps women from bonding with each other.  When you are living this superficial life chasing the perfect body and working the best seduction tools,  when a beautiful woman walks into the room, you go into comparison. competition, insecurity and bitchiness.  You look her over and try to pick her apart in order to elevate yourself because your yardstick for value is your appearance.   When you are living in integrity with your body/sexuality,  when a beautiful woman walks into the room, you can admire her.  You want to know her.  You are drawn to her.  You recognize her as your sister.

As I wrap this up, (because clearly I could go on and on and on :)) let me leave you with some questions to ponder.  What if you could wake up naked lying alone or next to your man/lover/partner, no makeup, hair however it chooses to be, and feel so comfortable in your skin?  What if being that way was the most sensuous feeling?  What if you threw away your scale and just didn’t give a fuck? What if you stopped trying to change your appearance via whatever tools you use, no longer spending money and time obsessing about them?   What if you chose nurturing and beautifying rituals instead of appearance altering ones? Why do you do what you do?  Is it because everyone else does?  Is it because you feel unattractive?  Do you use your sexuality to “get” attention and men?  What do you really feel about your value and your worth as a person?  As a woman?  Are you doing all those self-modifications and still alone, if getting that man is what drives you? Are you part of the Victorias Sheepret parade, following the herd?  (okay, that was a weird one, I admit, but you get my point.)

If you have a daughter or wish to one day, would you want her to think so little of herself that she would follow this life path?

Enough said?  This is a lot, and I hope my words will open some doors to exploration that will lead you more fully into the depth and fullness of who you really are.    Think of this post as the kiss that woke up Sleeping Beauty…yes,that would be you. But this is no fairy tale, it’s your life.

Men reading this, I hope you will take the time to reflect on what value you place on women unconsciously, and share this post with the women you know. Try to put yourself in our shoes — The high-heeled ones that are hard to walk in, and see if you can find a place where you can show up differently in how you relate with women.

If all of this begs the question how do you get out of this maze and live authentically, I am teaching a two-hour interactive webinar with live Q&A at the end.   Click on the link for details about the webinar, HOW TO LOVE THE BODY YOU LIVE IN, with real tools to achieve liberation from this prison.   And please, if this moved you, touched you, stirred you, please share it…And take the time to reflect on the questions I’ve posed here.

I am DEEPLY committed to each one of you and taking a stand for all that you can be and helping to liberate you from all of the boxes we live in, so that you can just shine your bright, authentic beauty and radiance into this world which so needs who YOU are.

And finally, I would love to have you join my e-mail list.  There’s an opt-in box on the bottom of this page, just below you. And visit my website for more to inspire you…

sleeping beautyMuch love and  A BIG WAKE UP KISS!


For The New Year…Let’s All Put Our Bleeping Devices Down and Connect With Each Other!

Dining in Tuscany with FriendsI’ve been MIA for a bit, as many of you know.  I try to “play the game” and use the social media to “grow my business,” or to “help people find me,” but truth be told, I despise our methods of “connecting” as they exist in our modern world.  I hit these walls and just unplug, frustrated at what I perceive as a lack of integrity in how we are living our lives.  And yes, that’s my perception and may not be yours, but this is my blog, so I’m sharing mine. :)  I see the beauty in what all this technology has to offer, but I also see the devastation it wields and that bothers my soul and my spirit.

I’m old enough to remember land lines, where we had to sit by the phone and just focus on the conversation.  Or answering machines that we checked once or twice a day and returned calls then. I remember making plans to see my friends and dedicating time to real time together, instead of the constant texting that replaces so much of that.   I can remember going to my computer and only accessing e-mails once a day as there weren’t portable devices like our iPhones and iPads and all the variations on that theme that turn us into Pavlovian dogs salivating as the various ring tones and alerts hit our ears,summoning us to look, touch, read, reply, surf, watch….all for what really?  We are missing our own lives spending so much time paying attention to others,or so busy preparing to share our personal moments with so many “friends” that the quality of those life moments is so diluted and one-dimensional that we are robbing ourselves of truly living our lives and having an organic experience of not only others, but of OURSELVES.  And isn’t it narcissistic to run around preparing to share our lives for others to view?   Doesn’t  that take away from our actual experience in the moment if we had it purely, with no one there watching? Wouldn’t it be based in a deeper, more personal experiential quality than the peeping Tom quality I find so prevalent in social sharing?

I was having a conversation with a good girlfriend of mine recently and expressing how differently I experience men these days with all our ADD, obsessive/compulsive technology seducing us constantly to look, touch, feel, peek.  It’s like a seductress, really.  I haven’t seen HER yet, but I have a feeling it may be a testament to what I’m experiencing in the world.  Men (and women, too, I bet men would agree) are preoccupied with their devices.  Hmmmmm.. dare I touch that?  Maybe later. LOL.  Men used to roam the world, the streets, buildings, restaurants, garages, parking lots, you name it, anywhere in our normal travels, looking at and for women.  There would be eye contact, a smile, flirting, and maybe a conversation and a phone number.  Organic.  We would know instantly if there’s chemistry or not.  Unlike these dating sites where everyone is tethered to the screen and their inbox, seeing who winked, tickled, poked, WHATEVER them.  Then you write back, have a phone chat, meet eventually and maybe there’s a connection.  How much time, by the time that moment arrives, have you already spent trying to figure out if there’s a good old-fashioned connection?  How many days, hours, weeks?  When we have an organic interaction as I just described, we know in a few minutes and it’s a lot more interesting and far less wasteful of our time!!

What is this obsession we have with CONSTANTLY needing to know what’s happening with our “friends,” most of whom we’ve never met, and having to check e-mails as soon as they ding your inbox?  And texting, this is perhaps the most out of control obsessive thing we do.  Am I saying I’m a paragon of virtue and NEVER do any of this?  Hell no!  In fact, I’m writing this because I realize that even with my constant awareness of and disdain for this way of life, it still sucks me in, too!  I work hard at keeping it at bay, which just goes to show what an addiction it can become.  I’ve turned off my alert tones for e-mails and have text tone alerts for important people like my daughter.  I stay off FaceBook, except when these blog posts happen, and if I feel I have something really meaningful to say.  I only reply to e-mails once a day.  The level of stress reduction that act alone has produced is mind-blowing and revelatory.

Imagine if we all had focus, on one thing at a time?  Imagine if you could walk down the street and not feel compelled to have your device in your hand, typing on it, talking on it, even listening to music on it.  Every time you get an alert, it distracts you from real life and pulls you into a virtual reality, which may be part of your real life on some level; an important e-mail or reply to someone important, but we don’t distinguish for the most part.  We just keep looking at it, touching it, playing with it, keeping it close to us.  Sounds like a romance doesn’t it?  The scary thing is there are a lot of people out there who consider themselves in relationships with people they virtually never see and only connect with via these gadgets.  Skypeing isn’t being with your friend or lover.  It’s a cheap imitation, and I for one love the real thing.  I like to look into the people in my life’s eyes (they are windows to the soul!), to hear them laugh and to see the expressions on their faces.  To kiss hello and goodbye, and to HUG!  There’s no replacing real life hugs!  I like to share a meal, to eat off their plate or have them eat off mine, to share a dish or tapas, and a bottle of wine or whatever we are drinking and to toast to something we care about.  I like going to movies together, traveling together, cooking together, and if it’s a romantic relationship, well, clearly, there’s nothing like the real thing!  We have access to anything and everything in this virtual world we’ve created –except each other in the flesh and blood and bone.

Back to the concept of focus.  Before all this instant gratification and obsession with everyone else’s lives, there was more personal success I believe, due to our ability to concentrate, commit and focus.  Being more than a bit of a conspiracy theorist, I believe that the “powers that be” that want to make sure that your power doesn’t become, lest you change the world, they love the idea of all this ADD and addiction to technology.  As long as we are distracted by all the vastness of what’s on the internet, we will never be able to concentrate and do something really meaningful with our lives.  Or, if we do, it will take so much longer to get around to it because the video of some girl or some guy or some animal doing something really stupid was so compelling that we had to watch it and also the next one that popped up on the page, until hours have gone by and what have you done to move your life in a direction that is meaningful TO YOU?  As long as you keep on choosing virtual “entertainment” over commitment to your dreams, your gifts, your vision, you will continue to have an undercurrent of dissatisfaction about your life, a sense of depression or lethargy and confusion about where you’re headed.  Entertainment and fun is CRUCIAL in life.  It’s just better had in the real world rather than the virtual one, in my humble opinion.

There is no escaping technology and I’m not saying we have to be all or nothing.  I am realizing that balance, as in all things, is the key.   In trying to live more balanced with the gifts of technology, can you choose to be more present in your real life, to notice the people you interact with, even in an elevator, or standing in line?  Can you choose to sit still and not pull your device out to check for anything new in the last 5 minutes since you last checked it?  Can you sit outside and listen to life going by and not have your headphones on constantly?  Can you take an honest inventory of how much time, hours wise, you spend daily on your devices doing utterly meaningless things?  And I would include in utterly meaningless checking your “friends” status updates and cruising their pictures. By “friends” I mean people you don’t know personally.  How is that moving your life forward?  That’s the one that will rock your world when you find that number.

Another not often spoken about aspect of all this technology overload is the burden it puts on our health.  I read a study more than two years ago that spoke about adrenal fatigue being rampant among young people especially, but most Americans in general.  Why?  because the actual process, neurologically of using your eyes on a screen constantly causes all kinds of biological processes, and one of them is being in a constant state of alertness on these devices causes our bodies to make more adrenaline, and because it’s constant, this causes a form of adrenal fatigue.  There’s the literature also about the electromagnetic frequencies (EMF’s) and what they are doing to our bodies as well, just having these devices close to our bodies.  Our nervous systems and brains are on overload via overstimulation through the eyes as never before in our history as human beings.    All of this, because we are technology addicts.

Ask yourself as we go into a new year, not to make any resolutions, as most people, myself included, don’t find them truly useful or effectual, but ask yourself what you’re going to commit to this next year.  Can you commit to putting down your device and visiting it occasionally throughout your day instead of constantly?  Can you examine how your life may have moved forward more if you’d had focus and commitment and attention and intention this past year?  And don’t beat yourself up.  It serves nothing.  Just choose something different as we enter a new year.  Choose real life.  Choose to pay attention to and be present for your dreams and visions, and allow technology to serve you in that, but don’t be a slave to it.  Don’t let it take your soul, your life, the hours in your day, and don’t let it keep you from knowing the joy of experiencing the real world and all the people in it.  Even the assholes.  :)

Happy New Year to each and every one of you and thank you for your support of me and my work.  If you feel moved to share my words, please do.  I hope they have inspired you in some way, big or small…

Much love and blessings in 2014,




As I write this particular post, I am still in Rome, heading back to the U.S. soon. I find myself reflecting on the fact that each time I have attempted to enter a church here in Rome or Florence, or anywhere in Italy for that matter, my bare shoulders have been an issue. It’s still hot as hell here, so everyone is running around in tank tops and sleeveless attire. But the bare shoulders of a woman became a metaphor as I examined and refused to accommodate their request to cover them in order to enter the churches, including the Vatican.

Now first I need to say that I was raised very Catholic, with extremely Catholic parents. I went to Catholic schools all the way through high school, was baptized and had my First Holy Communion and my Confirmation. So I have a personal relationship with Catholicism and am willing to say that much of what I will say here is likely to offend those who embrace their religious faith.

I believe that because I was raised in an environment of religion, it is what led me to the spiritual path. Religion, in my view, is a form of mind control and manipulation of the masses by making us believe that our “redemption” is dependent upon us following the strictures of whatever religion we subscribe to. Spirituality, on the other hand, teaches us that God is within each and every one of us, and that we are each piece of God him or herself. Many that are faithful to their religion would already be offended that I would refer to an ambiGod, meaning either male or female. If that is the case, you may want to stop reading right now because I am likely to really piss you off.

Back to my bare shoulders. As I stood in the lines to enter some of what is absolutely the most beautiful and celebrated architecture on Earth, no question, I noticed that both men and women had bare shoulders. The problem that I had was that only the women were being asked to cover ourselves. And if you were in a tank top you could purchase for a mere €1.50, what I refer to with disdain as a shoulder tarp. On a matter of principle, I could not bring myself to do it. Had it been a request of both men and women I know that I would have.
The fact that this kind of Fear of the female form –which is ultimately what this comes down to, the fear of female sexuality– Is still promulgated in 2013, really does provoke my ire.

While I really wanted to see the architecture, Something innately within me could not condone, support or become part of this still repressive ideology that surrounds women and our bodies.

So what the hell is wrong with my bare shoulders? A woman’s shoulders literally shoulder great responsibility and burdens. How do my bare shoulders manage to be the reason that I cannot enter the church? Oh yes, and then there are my knees. You see your shoulders and your knees must be covered if you are a woman. The knees perhaps because moving up my thighs we get to that dark, forbidden seductive, and juicy place–the place that all life comes from. And we know what religion has done around a woman’s vagina. Yet the church doesn’t even recognize that in the sacred geometry that surrounds much of the art and architecture, the symbol, the very shape of the vagina is everywhere, the vesica piscis.

And my bare shoulders perhaps invoke the thoughts of moving downward towards the slope of my breasts. Those breasts nurture life, and are not just for sexual titillation (pun intended). Though we know that historically the repression of sexuality in the Catholic Church has led to much pedophilia and depravity.

I know that some people will think how could you pass up seeing the architecture and the art in the Vatican, the Sistine Chapel, all the beautiful churches along the way? And my response from a place of absolutely standing firmly on the principles I believe in, fight for, would die for, is that I cannot stand in a place that considers my body and its parts offensive or illicit. If men can enter with bare shoulders and shorts, why can’t I?
And when will we collectively recognize the temple that is a woman’s body as the most sacred of all that we have in human form? This is part of why I do the work that I do.

It felt so right to me to refuse to enter these places based on this rule. I know that many would retort with, “but it is a sign of respect.” How is it respectful? What do my shoulders have to do with my ability to worship God, to feel reverence and sacredness around me? These are rules and laws promulgated by those that repressed and persecuted women in ancient times, and I for one will be damned if I will participate in the continuation of that today!

Does that make me a heathen? In the eyes of many, yes. In my own eyes, it makes me a woman, proud to be one, and unwilling to participate in any form of repression of my gender, Be it ancient or modern, religious or colloquial.

So until that time arrives, I’ll just keep on shimmying my shoulders with all the reverence and sacredness that my feminine form invokes and offer that to god, goddess and the universe Everywhere that I go…

Much love from Rome,

What Would You Do For A Cause You Believe In?

Jasmine's heart inspired in Fiji

Jasmine’s heart inspired in Fiji

I met Jasmine Rose Gonzales (now Jasmine Van Driessche) 10 years ago when she showed up at my home in reply to a babysitting job for my then 8-year-old daughter.

I fell in love with her.  She is a beautiful young woman, with a kind of passion I relate to, especially when it comes to things she believes in.  She asked me for support in her special cause and I said HELL YEAH !!

So I ask you this question, in case you are tempted not to read on, or to stop reading when you see that she is asking for financial gifts:  What would you do for a cause you believe in?  What would you want OTHERS to do in support of your cause if you were to ask for assistance of any kind?  Let that answer be your guide as I encourage you to read Jasmine’s words below.  And please, pass this on, hit share, post it on your FaceBook page so that we can spread the word virtually.  Every little bit helps, and when we all come together for any great cause, we can truly accomplish anything!

From my heart, allow me to introduce you to a young woman who is part of my heart, part of my tribe, and a gift to the world:

“Bula (hello!) to all of Gina’s Loyal Readers…

My name is Jasmine, and I have the great fortune of having Gina as one of my dearest friends and mentor. Lucky for me, she has generously agreed to share my cause; one which I believe can truly make a difference for the people of Fiji.

My husband (whom I will be volunteering with) and I have been to Fiji twice. During those trips we didn’t spend time lounging on a beach, we spent the time with the people, seeing village life, hearing their stories, learning their language. What we realized about these people is that joy resonates in their bones. They are, as a people, without a doubt some of the kindest, most joyful and genuine people we have ever experienced. Fiji itself has unimaginable beauty, but its people are what make this small country a classroom of love, life & gratitude in the simplest & most profound ways.

Upon returning after our first trip is when I realized that 31% of Fijians suffer from absolute poverty. It was then that we decided we had to be a part of giving back to these people, as they so selflessly gave to us. Our dream has been made possible only because of the Naqaqa Giving Foundation, a 501(c)(3), a reputable organization that began 7 years ago.  We will be working in a special needs school, medical center, a farm and visiting some of the world’s most remote islands, donating medical supplies, educational materials, clothes, & tools.

I have to raise $6,500 to qualify for the immersion.   What makes this program so powerful is that the Naqaqa Giving Foundation (NGF) received a grant that will give $4,500 PER VOLUNTEER! This is huge, as this number allows NGF and me as a volunteer to make a great impact on a country that is dire need of our help. I have raised $3,450 and my goal is to raise the remaining $3,050 by July 26th, one week!

All numbers and statistics aside, I have a deep love for this country and its people. My passion to make a difference for a culture that changed my life is undeniable. My whole heart is in this and  it is a big heart with much to give, and determination that has the ability to spread like wildfire. I just need help, your help, everyone’s help.

I deeply appreciate you taking the time to read my words and I wish each of you as much joy in life as the Fijian people have brought me!

Vinaka Vakalevu!”

To read more about my Immersion, Fiji and how to donate, please visit:

It’s me, Gina, again, and all I want to say is this:  It’s only $$3,050, not millions, so I urge you, do now what you’d want someone to do for you….

Love & Blessings,

Gina Cloud

GinaCology Principle No. 2 – Part 2 Video

As promised, HERE IS THE NEXT VIDEO on my GinaCology Principle No. 2. You can find all the principles written down HERE on my website.

If you missed Principle No. 1, or the Part 1 video of Principle No. 2, you can find it here on my blog or directly on my YouTube Channel.

GinaCology Principle No. 2 is rooted in the idea that as women, we need to be intimate with ourselves both from a health perspective, as well as a sexuality perspective. This is so important, as the idea of intimacy, that of being comfortable, warm and familiar (a simple definition of intimacy) with OURSELVES is the most important relationship we will ever have. I had so much to say about each that I created two videos – Part 1 and Part 2 of this Principle No. 2.

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Remember, I am doing an entire series of videos on each of the 10 principles, so there are 8 more principles to go.

So watch and enjoy, and let me hear from you… CONTACT ME HERE.

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Much love,

Gina Cloud

GinaCology Principle No. 2 – Part I Video

As promised, HERE IS THE NEXT VIDEO on my GinaCology Principles.  You can find all the principles written down HERE on my website.

If you missed Principle No. 1, you can find it here on my blog or directly on my YouTube Channel.

GinaCology Principle No. 2 is rooted in the idea that as women, we need to be intimate with ourselves both from a health perspective, as well as a sexuality perspective.  This is so important, as the idea of intimacy, that of being comfortable, warm and familiar (a simple definition of intimacy) with OURSELVES is the most important relationship we will ever have.  I had so much to say about each that I created two videos – Part 1 and Part 2 of this Principle No. 2.

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Part 2 of Principle 2 will be posted next week, so stay tuned for more.  I am doing an entire series of videos on each of the 10 principles, so there is a lot more to come.

So watch and enjoy, and let me hear from you… CONTACT ME HERE.

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Much love,

Gina Cloud


big hair8L1V1343

I’ve found myself thinking a lot lately(more than usual I should say, as it’s always in my thoughts!) about the subject of feminine energy and being a woman, and having a lot of conversations with women and men about this, so it inspired me to create a VIDEO PLAYLIST  in which I explore each of the letters in my acronym W.O.M.A.N.  I hope that you’ll watch each short video and let them inspire you…

Those of you who have read my book are familiar with my manifesto, but for those of you new to it, here it is:






Please enjoy the videos…and let me hear from you about anything you have questions or comments about.  I’m truly here to serve you.  AND PLEASE SHARE WITH OTHERS!

Much love,


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There are six words that make my blood boil whenever I hear them.  Those six words are: “That’s just the way it is.”  Those words signify to me resignation, acceptance, powerlessness over the way things are in our society, our world, our personal lives.  They reek of a militant, “march, march, march,” chant, inciting us to all be the same, to get in line and do as we are told by “them.”  Those six words ooze the frequency of “I can’t change it, so I have to accept it,” about circumstances that control our lives or make us feel hostage to them.  Those six words are prelude to a feeling of imprisonment and victimhood.  And they become an excuse for why we don’t take action in our lives to make things the way we want them to be, rather than the way they are currently, collectively.  They become the excuse for why we are not living true to ourselves.

What I want to know is who says that’s just the way it is, is the way it has to be?  In my world, those six words are a call to action, a call to rebellion, a call, literally,  to friends to vent about how angry it makes me that we just tend to settle for and accept what’s put before us in society as the norm, what’s popular, what’s happening du jour.  And almost always they are a call for me to move in the direction 180 degrees of whatever that thing is.

Let’s take the example of the media and its effect/control over our lives here in the West, and literally all over the world, but we’ve got it the worst here, I believe.  We absorb what’s put before us as the way it is, but why don’t we question it and ask that question:  who says it has to be that way?  If we stop and ask ourselves this question every step of the way, we become more independent, free-thinking people (yes, subversive to those who want us to stay in THEIR box), people who make choices based on having considered what’s right for you personally, for your family, for your health.  There’s almost no area of our lives that the media doesn’t touch/manipulate with its multi-armed monsters.  There’s TV, Internet, music, ads, magazines, radio, mainstream health information, especially as it relates to women’s health and prescription drugs.  We are bombarded with signals via all our senses, inviting us to get on the train bound for the destination known as mediocrity.
So ask yourself, do you really want to live a life proscribed by the dictates of others, no matter what their form takes?  Do you daily stop and ask yourself if what you are about to purchase/do/experience is something you REALLY choose, or is it just part of life’s treadmill that you’ve become accustomed to?  How would your life look if you turned off all the input from the outside and simply LISTENED to the output from within?

We are marching through our lives like automatons, being fed a modicum of metaphoric “foods” to keep us from feeling starvation, but our souls are so malnourished for that which would bring us true joy, vitality, connection to ourselves and others, a sense of purpose and peace.  What lives inside you that is TRUE to who you are regardless of whether society, or your family, or your friends, or your boss, or the whole damned world would find it acceptable?  Where are you compromising self to sustain the facade of being accepted by others?

When we are willing to simply question things, hell, EVERYTHING, our lives become ours again.  We reclaim them and begin the journey back to self.  So the next time you hear those six words, challenge the idea that it’s being said about.  And if you hear yourself saying them, then challenge yourself.  The only way it has to be is the way YOU choose it to be.

love & blessings,

Gina Cloud

W.O.M.A.N. Returns as GinaCology

W.O.M.A.N. Returns As GinaCology

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Returns AS GinaCology!
gina cloud logo
Gina Cloud’s  GinaCology

   Dearest Friends and Supporters,

Gina Cloud's Ginacology video 1
Gina Cloud’s GinaCology video 1
     It has been a VERY long time since I’ve written to you, communicated with you, shared with you. About a year ago I sent you an e-mail announcing I was emerging from my cocoon. Well, the best laid plans…I think I was was too impatient to let those wings finish developing. My daughter keeps telling me I have to be more patient! Can any of you relate to that?! 
      I have always been someone who needs to keep evolving.  I feel stagnant when my life looks the same for too long.  When I ended my show, Redefining Woman, I had hoped to move forward with my work, but instead, I found myself feeling glued to my seat, standing still, stuck, or whatever metaphor you prefer.  Been there?  Yep, it’s an uncomfortable place.
This time was different from the other times that I’d felt stuck.  It scared me.  I thought, how do I do this work?  How do I serve others AND MYSELF (remember we have to include ourselves in the giving!) going forward?  What’s next?
Normally when I put those questions to the Universe, answers come rather quickly, and I’ve learned to wait for the next wave of inspiration to wash over me and set me in motion yet again.  But months went by, then a year, and then I was looking at more than a year and the fear that maybe I wasn’t going to be able to do what I envisioned gripped me.  I thought, well, maybe I’m just done with what I was supposed to do since I’m just not getting a signal on the dial.
But patience is truly a virtue.  Eventually I got the cues from the Universe, and finally, I felt the movement, the quickening that would set me into the labor of my own rebirth and FINALLY emergence from my cocoon.
So this time, this e-mail serves to tell you that I’m REALLY back, not just planning on being back.  My show is up and running again as GinaCologyWhat’s GinaCology?   It’s my unique perspective on being a W.O.M.A.N. blended with my philosophy and psychology about life.  The show still  explores all things woman-related as well as topics in the media, alternative health and wellness, intimacy, sexuality, men’s Issues, relationships, spirituality, mind/body issues…You name it, NOTHING is off topic.  The show airs every other Thursday at 7:00 P.M. PDT and is podcast as well.
My goal is to continue to bring news and information to you that will enrich and empower you.
The show is still in iTunes and if you’d like to resubscribe you can do so directly from iTunes or by clicking here: subscribe to the show.  For those of you who followed the show before, there are still more than 50 of the episodes there for enjoyment.
Ray And lastly, I have a new addition to the show:  Ray’s Corner.  Ray, who wants to be simply known as Ray, will be chiming in at the end of the hour with his perspectives on topics of his choosing, usually related to the show’s topic for the evening.  Consider him the mystery man.  He has no contact info, no website, no FaceBook.  He’s truly off the grid and likes it that way.
So whether you are familiar with me and my work or new to it all, here are some quick ways to connect with me:

 MY WEBSITES:  Flash Website  and  Non flash website. I love the flash site and I’m sure you will, too, but it can’t be viewed from portable devices like your iPhone or SmartPhone.
     I’m also going to be posting regular video clips on various topics near and dear to my heart, and yours, so that I can answer questions and just explore with you.  If you’d like to receive those, please subscribe to my blog.  I will be creating an “Ask Gina” section there and will answer via short videos.  These videos will be exclusive to my blog, so please subscribe.  I NEVER share your information with anyone.  If you’d like to contact me with a question or show suggestion, CLICK HERE.
Finally, I will be on The Larry Love Show on Monday, June 4 at 6:00 P.M., Pacific Daylight Time.  You can tune into the show HERE.  If you’d like to share this e-mail with a friend, please click the “forward email” link below.
     I’m well aware that we all receive just way too much junk e-mail.  And while I don’t consider my work to be junk, you just might, and I won’t hold it against you.  Just click on the unsubscribe button at the bottom of this e-mail if you no longer wish to hear from me. 
     I’m looking forward to our continued journey together…
Much, much love, blessings and gratitude,
Gina Cloud

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