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IMG_4796Some of you finding yourself on this page are already familiar with me and my work, and some of you are brand new to Gina Cloud and GinaCology.

For many years now I have been working to empower and liberate women in their bodies and sexuality, and in the course of that work, I’ve found that many of you men really vibe with who I am and what I teach. As a result I’ve ended up working with and coaching many men over the years.

My gift with you guys seems to be in creating a very safe, honest space for you to evolve your masculinity and your sexuality. In fact, most of you who have worked with me have come to me with sexual issues, and in particular, porn addiction issues.

HOW DO I WORK WITH YOU? Well, I work with YOU. You are unique. I don’t use a formula or method. I’m gifted in being able to see straight through to the heart of your struggles with yourself, your sexuality and women and to guide you to a more authentic, powerful expression of your masculinity and your sexuality.

If you’re struggling with masculinity in relationship to women and relationships, and if you are struggling with your sexuality, particularly if you’ve had a porn addiction and you’re interested in working with me, contact me for rates. I am not cheap, but you will not regret your investment in yourself.

I work both nationally and internationally via Skype or in person.

And check out my Men’s Page here on the site for free downloads and paid ones HERE.


Going into the first coaching session with Gina, I was a bit unsure about what to expect. Sure, I was intrigued about her work, but would a Skype session with a woman sitting across the oceans really help me? The answer is a resounding YES. I must say, that this has been a very safe, interesting and rewarding journey so far.

Gina has been extremely good at creating a safe environment for me to explore, express and accept myself. This has been especially important for me as a man, because I am not used to sharing deep emotional issues with other people. Not that you should expect Gina to sugarcoat things or to babysit you. She is not like that. But expect her to use all her skills, passion and empathy to help you help yourself.

Often she uses her sense of intuition to cut to the heart of the matter in short time. Her observations, suggestions and exercises are simply spot on, giving me lots of ’aha-moments’. Being no stranger to self-help and even therapy, I must say that this is by far the deepest work I have ever done. As a man I would heartily recommend working with Gina.

L. Petersen, (Denmark)
With love & blessings,
Gina Cloud

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