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Men’s Page


Welcome to my men’s page. Here you’ll find several free downloads of interviews I’ve conducted relating to the topics of sexuality, pornography and pornography addiction help, and your relationships with women and yourself. I hope that they will make you think and inspire you to become a better version of yourself as a man.

There are also more downloads on my products page, HERE that relate more specifically to women’s issues, and many of you guys like listening to my conversations with women, as it informs you about many things that women go through which you may be unaware of. You’ll also find some for-purchase downloads on sexuality through my lens.

And if you’re not familiar with my blog, it’s the heart of my website, as I love writing and making a difference through the words that flow from me. So check it out. There are many topics you’ll love exploring there.

Many of you e-mail me with questions or to share things you’re experiencing, and while I LOVE hearing from you and knowing that I do make a difference in your lives, I cannot give free advice, so if you’re looking to really heal in the areas of your sexuality, overcoming pornography addictions, and your connections with women and YOURSELF, consider working with me one on one via my coaching/sexual healing sessions with men. I have a unique perspective and approach that is highly effective. You’ll find a testimonial on the coaching page.

I’m not cheap, but it will be the best money you’ll spend in healing these areas of your life. Many of you come to me after spending a fortune on a lot of the programs out there designed to trick women into bed with you, but they’re not rooted in REALLY helping you, just taking your money. My stand for men is as strong as it is for women, and in working with me, I am deeply committed to helping you evolve as a man, personally for yourself and in your sexuality and relationships with women.
I work via Skype anywhere in the world, so distance is not an issue. Here’s the link to my men’s coaching page.

In the meantime, enjoy the links below. They’re all free.

With love & blessings,
Gina Cloud

My Products

Pornography and Masculinity

An interview with Robert Jensen on Pornography and Masculinity.

Pornography’s Effects on Women and Men

An interview with Robert Jensen on Pornography and its effects on women:

Pornography’s Effects on Women and Men

An Interview with Tim Ward on Men and the “Goddess”:

Men and the Patriarchy

An Interview with Tim Ward on Men and the Patriarchy:

Tantric Orgasm For Women

An Interview with Diana Richardson on Tantra and Male and Female Sexuality:

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