Ginacology Principles


       Guiding Principles for Women

1.   You are your own best doctor. NO ONE knows your state of health and wellness better than you do. Your doctor is a team member, but not the boss of you.

2.   Know your body intimately, both from a health and sexuality perspective.

3.   Self Care: Have a solid resource base for ALL aspects of your life; body, mind and spirit. Know WHERE AND HOW to find answers for YOU (That’s what I’m here for!)

4.  Be responsible for your own orgasms. If you don’t know your own body, no one else can!

5.  You MUST always be first on your list of priorities. This is a crucial principle for women, as we tend to put ourselves last, if at all!

6.  Life is best when we have a large measure of pleasure on a regular, consistent basis, so find your pleasure centers and visit them often!

7.  DANCE, DANCE, DANCE!!! When we gyrate our female parts, it REALLY opens our hearts.

8.  You are beautiful. Period. No comparisons, no qualifications. Beauty is not skin deep. It’s soul deep, and spirit fed.

9.  Your period is your best friend, greatest ally, and life-long teacher. Its wisdom is profound. EMBRACE IT EVERY MONTH!

10.  Live your life as a W.O.M.A.N. (read my book!)

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