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natural beatuy“Gina cloud is an amazing woman. She is tapped into source and embodies feminine wisdom in a profound way. Her deep knowledge, and life experience are a gift to any woman that chooses to have her as their guide. She is the real deal”.
Kute Blackson


If so, my program will teach you how.

I believe that beauty is not skin deep, but soul deep and spirit fed.  I believe that beauty encompasses all of who we are, not just our physical appearance.

As women, the world we live in constantly asks us to define who we are through the external lens of physical appearance and someone else’s idea of beauty .

Most women do not feel comfortable in their own skin.  The media constantly puts before us images and messages that tell us we are not good enough, thin enough, pretty enough, that our biology makes us suffer through periods, pregnancy and menopause.

We are bombarded with ideas and images that lower our sense of self-worth and self-esteem.

Because for the most part our value is societally defined by our looks,  as we age in this culture, we subscribe to the belief that we become invisible and disposable, and that we are no longer beautiful.


 It does not come from products or an outside-in approach to conforming to the beauty messages you receive constantly about your value and your worth.  If you buy into that, you will live in fear of losing those physical standards of beauty, and your self worth will plummet as you age.  If it hasn’t already.

How you feel from within determines whether you are beautiful, and when you are beautiful to YOURSELF, you are beautiful to the world.


How do you define beauty?

Do you love or hate your body and its appearance?

Are you comfortable in your own skin?

Do you live your life for you or for others?

Do you feel disconnected from your body and its rhythms?

Are you comfortable with your sexuality?

Are you guided by your inner voice, or the external ones of our society?

Are you in a relationship that does not honor or value you?  Are you settling in your life in love, work, pleasure?

What makes you feel beautiful?

How much money are you spending weekly, monthly, annually in the pursuit of beauty?

Are you longing to be in a relationship with true intimacy but find it elusive?


My philosophy is an inside out one, not outside in, which is the current model for beauty in our culture.  Using various tools, I will help you reshape and transform your concept of beauty and what it is to be a woman.

THIS IS A POWERFUL PROCESS THAT WILL TAKE YOU THROUGH EVERY ASPECT OF YOUR LIFE; your relationships (especially the one with yourself), your work, your sexuality, your body, mind and spirit.  Your life will truly be changed and transformed from the core of your being.

I have clients both nationally and internationally.  We can work by phone, Skype or in person.    I will guide you through this process with love and support in a way that will empower you – and quickly.  Most people work with me for 3-6 sessions doing VERY deep work, which allows the needed changes to take place.

Unlike other coaching processes, this is specifically for women and focused on the areas of our lives which most need healing.  I believe in going to the root of a problem, disturbance, or issue.  For this reason our work is very intense and it WILL transform you into the beautiful W.O.M.A.N. you truly are – GUARANTEED!!


Food as a vehicle for creating and maintaining health, beauty and your ideal weight

Graceful aging vs. anti-aging

The relationship between emotions and hormones

Taking charge of your own health (GinaCology Principles)

Body image from within

Safer and more effective health and beauty products and cosmetics

Natural alternatives to cosmetic surgery and chemical therapies

Your menstrual cycle as a place of power in your life.

Your sexuality and how to open to your own body

Self-love, self-acceptance and self-esteem, powerful components of beauty.



In four weeks of working with Gina, I finally got in touch with the real W.O.M.A.N. in me and cleared stuck feelings that 15 years of therapy never touched.  I am forever grateful to Gina for passionately guiding me through my own created “muck” in order for me to feel a sense of freedom that I now enjoy every day in my life.  She brought me to a higher level of self awareness I had never experienced before.  I am in deep gratitude for her stand for me and my life.

-L. Joiner

 I am so lucky to have come across Gina. From the moment I met her, I felt her fullness, her woman-ness and her love. Her guided process brought me to a deeper connection with myself I had never experienced before and it still resonates strongly within me. Her technique is truly unique and something that can only be experienced. I am forever grateful to her for opening me up to my “womanhood” and for reclaiming my life. 

D. Chen

Gina Cloud is a goddess of a woman. I was experiencing some pretty significant feminine issues including severe PMS with irregularity, extreme fatigue, pain and heavy blood flow that prevented me from living fully for at least three days.  She invited me to a guided healing session with her and since then my cycle has been regular, pain free and normal flow without fatigue. I was able to fully function through out my entire cycle. Her guided meditation totally ROCKED my world and I am forever GRATEFUL for Gina and her gifts.  So much love! 

Kristina Italic

There is a language most people don’t speak. They were simple just never taught some don’t even know it exits. The language is of the body. Our bodies speak to us every day. I was given The privilege and the gift of learning how to understand my bodies messages. Gina taught me with so much love and sensitivity and has guided me through my womanhood from such a young age till today as a young married woman I still call Gina with all of my questions. She listens with a full heart and shows me all my options. I started going to this workshop once a month when I was about 11 years old. Once a month on a Sunday afternoon we would get together the same group of girls for a few hours in a safe comfortable and warm environment .We would discuss things that would be coming up in our life. Anything from food ,clothing ,health ,make up. Gina gave me a gift most girls don’t get I got the gift of having the comfort and confidence with a body and even socially. After about a year of going to our monthly get-togethers, we had an all women’s weekend retreat in the beautiful Pacific Palisades mountains. At the end of the retreat we invited our families to join us for the ceremony .…..I was ready to become a young women. I was so excited to start my journey until this day I carry everything Gina has taught me.

Chantal N.

Gina Cloud is a wisdom holder of the feminine arts. She is a sacred keeper of feminine knowledge.Born gifted and aware of understanding WOMAN on this planet and how to offer support and guidance through personal sessions, workshops and meditations.Her heart is invested in service, you can feel her love and commitment with supporting woman and men in understanding the path of the feminine in us all. She is a gift to humanity, she walks a true path of heart and discovery.A mother, a lover, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a woman who understands and lives many roles and brings this level of humanity to her work.There truly are no words to describe Gina Cloud, she is one of a kind, a true healer and an authentic human walking a courageous path bringing the wisdom of her journey to her work. I trust her whole heartedly and have found true support and guidance through knowing HER.

C. Afentoulis

“Gina is amazing at connecting with the deeper, wider essence of the feminine energy – both on the individual and collective levels. I am so glad her voice is in the world reminding us to respect the feminine, and grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her personally. Her coaching style is both tender and fierce, grounded in her powerful intuition. The experience has helped move me to the next level on my journey!”    

  Lisa L.

Gina Cloud has profoundly influenced my life as well as my daughter’s life.  She leads the way on the path we all strive to walk: that journey of reintegrating body, mind and spirit.  Gina is firmly rooted in both the physical and the spiritual realms and has a gift of assisting and leading others in attaining greater comfort in both these realms as well.

-Lori B.

Gina’s energy, spirit and compassion towards women is enlightening.  She is able to give you a different perspective on looking at things.  I have become more empowered knowing her.

-Rachel B.


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