Honoring the Temple: Your Body as Sacred Space


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     A 2-hour Interactive Teleclass with Gina Cloud 

Did you know that appearance and body image are the No. 1 shame triggers for women?

Did you know that women spend most of their expendable income on the “beauty” industry, but in reality it’s the “chasing youth” industry?

  • How do YOU define beauty?

  • What makes you FEEL beautiful?
  • What if you could learn to be your most beautiful, radiant self, spend significantly less money, and get back the time you spend running around to all of those appointments?
  • How much money are you spending, weekly, monthly,  annually in the  pursuit of beauty?
  • Are you getting the results you desire?
  • Would you like to learn to age gracefully and forget about the false concept of anti-aging?
  • Are you willing to TRULY discover that beauty is not skin deep, but soul deep and spirit fed?
  • Would you like to be freed from the prison of believing that you are only beautiful if you meet society’s impossible standards?

Honoring The Temple is a teleclass in which beauty is explored not  as a product or a quick fix, but as a way of life.  Beauty is an expression of who we are, borne of a feeling of total, joyous connection to our physical bodies and a divine awareness and communion with our spirits.  Beauty is not skin deep; it is soul deep and spirit fed.   Our bodies are our temples, and during this teleclass we cover various topics on health, beauty and spirituality, cosmetics, sexuality, hormones…and more.  I will give you practical tools and resources to set you on the path of Beauty. And EVERYTHING I share with you I do in  my own life.

Beautiful is not something you become, it’s something you already are This teleclass will help you learn to access the tools that will allow you to strip away the negative programming that our world and society at large have taught us about beauty and about ourselves as women.

 I will share information with you for a portion of the class, and you will be able to ask questions, so this will be an interactive teleclass


If you can’t be there for the class, it will be available as an audio download so that you can have access to it on your own time.  If you’re at  all hesitant about the value this class will bring to your life, PLEASE READ THE TESTIMONIALS.  They speak for themselves!


  • Food as a vehicle for creating and maintaining health,  beauty, and your ideal weight
  • Safer and MORE effective health and beauty products and cosmetics
  • Natural alternatives to cosmetic surgery and chemical therapies
  • Your menstrual cycle as a place of power in your life
  • Your sexuality and how to open to your own body
  • Self-love, self-acceptance and self-esteem: powerful components of beauty.
  • Body image from within and taking charge of your own health
  • Nutritional supplements and herbs
  • Aging gracefully vs. the fallacious concept of anti-aging.
  • What you need to know about your toxic cosmetics and skincare
  • How to balance your hormones and their relationship to your emotions
  • The GinaCology principle that you are your own best doctor.




—Gina is absolutely right, Beauty is Health!!!
Gina, covered so many topics, Stress, Aging,Food,Her books,etc. the hormones in meat the milk how she reads every label and teaches her daughter. Gina gave away so much helpful free info, and invites you to e-mail her with questions, now how helpful is that to the public? She is wonderful.
—-I could go on and on. Gina is wonderful, She is intelligent, Gina took charge of her hour to speak and being DIRECT is the word I am looking for and Gina being a LEADER she is going to the TOP I can see her writing more books, she is so knowledgable.
Thank You,
For screening your hosts and choosing the best!!!!
–The material is vital.
Her tone was so terrific…peaceful, intimate, calm and soothing. This was amazing as she was delivering powerful information and suggesting serious change for many people.Keep up the great work Gina.—Again the the speaker was great. Very organized and knowledgeable. She spoke well and was easy to understand. The information flowed smoothly. Thank you!!

Loved her!—
Gina had some great information and was very open with sharing her knowledge. She wasn’t using this venue to just sell her book, but to really help her listeners get the information they needed to help themselves.—
Great speaker-very passionate and informative

Gina seems passionate and very sincere. I had never heard of her and am glad now I do.—
Very good. Handled the Q&A problem very well.—
Gina Cloud comes across as a sincere and caring person. She presented lots of information in a pleasant and organized manner. It was clear she had much more to share but did all she could with her limited time. She answered lots of questions interactively at the end. Great class, great instructor!—
I was highly impressed. Gina was very organized and informative, making suggestions and giving her own life examples rather than forced or “prescribing” to others.—
Very good,genuine sharing of helpful information from personal experience–very important—
very interesting—
Motivating, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and thoroughly prepared.—
Bravo !—
Ms Cloud has a wealth of knowledge to share. She seems to be passionate about empowerment for women through diet and such. I’d like to hear more from her about those things. Maybe during another class.—
Great job.—
Very knowledgeable and passionate about her subject.—
Very informed class!—
great leader I think we are going to want to hear from her in the near future Straight forward and to the point without criticizing others.—
Excellent material. Very enthusiastic. Patient with questions and background noise.—

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