Your Body As Your Life Partner- Healing Your Relationship With The One You Love to Hate -A Webinar

Your Body As Your Life Partner- Healing Your Relationship With The One You Love to Hate -A Webinar


Does your body interfere with your life?  

What does that mean?  Do you find yourself saying things like, “I can’t (fill in the blank for the activity or experience) because I have (fill in the blank) condition.  Or  “I just don’t have the energy.”

Does any of this sound like the way you talk to yourself?

I wish I didn’t care about how much I weigh…I’m embarrassed about all my issues with my body…I’m scared to be naked with someone…I hate my body…I’m afraid no one will really love me if I don’t look good…I’m not beautiful, I’m ordinary…I’m so tired of trying to be thin, I just want to eat and hide…I wish I could stop comparing myself to other women…I wish I didn’t care what other people think about me…I feel so ashamed about how my body looks…I wish I could really just be myself…I wish I could enjoy sex and have orgasms…I wish I didn’t care about growing older…I hate looking at myself  in the mirror…I can’t look at my naked body, it’s disgusting…I wish I knew how to feel beautiful from inside…I wish I wanted to have sex…I get so depressed when I see other women who look so put together…men aren’t interested in me”...



So many women spend time, money and mental energy on a multitude of appearance changing/enhancing products and services, chasing the “ideal” beauty standard.

I want to ask you, what are you really saying about yourself and what do you really expect to gain when you promote yourself from the outside?  When it’s all about what you look like and you keep shape shifting to conform to someone else’s idea of beauty and sexiness,  you live in terror of being seen as you really are.


It’s like being married to someone you hate when your relationship to your body is unhealthy.  Your body will be with you forever.  Learning to love it is the most important thing you can do to empower your life. 


You’ve been systematically brainwashed since you were a child.   Your self-esteem and self-worth have been subliminally yet brutally severed from your being.  From that unconscious place, you have no choice but to adopt the media-driven ideas of what makes a woman desirable and wanted.  It is from this place that our bodies and our sexuality become commodities.


Imagine waking up naked lying next to your man/lover/partner, no makeup, hair however it chooses to be, and feeling completely comfortable in your skin?  What if being that way was the most sensuous feeling?   What if you stopped mindlessly changing your eyebrows that were probably just perfect for your face when you were a teen, no longer spending money and time obsessing about them?  (And there’s no judgment THAT you do it, but you need to ask WHY are you doing it? )

What if you stopped doing the same for most or all of the other rituals you spend money and time on to change how you look or to make your appearance “conform” to the norm?

Why do you do what you do?  Is it because everyone else does?  Is it because you feel unattractive and judge attractiveness via the media standards?

Do you use your sexuality to “get” attention and men?

What do you really feel about your value and your worth as a person?  As a woman?

Are you doing all those self-modifications and still alone, if getting that man is what drives you?

What If I told you that I have 11 tools that you can start using IMMEDIATELY that will set you on a new course in your life, one that allows you to stop obsessing about how you look, worrying about what you weigh, or what your age is?    In this webinar I will teach you how to change this so that you can LOVE the body you live in, and live a life where you’re truly empowered. 

And one of the best parts is that what  I will teach you will save you money and time.

Join me for two hours of an interactive webinar that will change your relationship to your body forever.  I will share 11 tools that I have used in my life and taught to other women that work right away.  There will be approximately 45 minutes of live Q&A.  If you can’t listen live, you can submit your question on the registration form.  And don’t worry, if you can’t attend, it will be recorded and you can listen later.

I am committed to making a difference in your life and helping women everywhere love themselves and their bodies, JUST AS THEY ARE.

I live the things I teach with a passion and I love answering your questions.   If you still need convincing that this is right for you, check out what other women have said about my work below.

I’m keeping the class small and intimate so you can get the most from it, so if you heard yourself in that inner dialogue at the top of this page, let me help you change that.

This class will help you to disengage from the self-esteem destroying messages women receive from the media and the world at large, so you can begin to live an empowered, self-loving life. If you can’t love your body – as a power source, not for its appearance -then you can’t love your life.

I promise this information will change your life!My commitment is to having this be your new inner dialogue: “I’m living a life that I love in a body that I love, feeling totally beautiful and loving ME!”

See you soon! For date and time, Here’s the link to sign up.

If you’re still not sure this is for you, I invite you to read just a few of my many testimonials here.  You can find many more on the menu bar under the “Testimonials”  menu tab.


“Gina Cloud is a wisdom holder of the feminine arts.  She is a sacred keeper of feminine knowledge.Born gifted and aware of understanding WOMAN on this planet and how to offer support and guidance through personal sessions, workshops and meditations.Her heart is invested in service, you can feel her love and commitment with supporting woman and men in understanding the path of the feminine in us all. She is a gift to humanity, she walks a true path of heart and discovery. A mother, a lover,  a daughter, a sister, a woman who understands and lives many roles and brings this level of humanity to her work. There truly are no words to describe Gina Cloud, she is one of a kind, a true healer and an authentic human walking a courageous path bringing the wisdom of her journey to her work.I trust her whole heartedly and have found true support and guidance through knowing HER.”
C. Afentoulis

“I am so lucky to have come across Gina. From the moment I met her, I felt her fullness, her woman-ness and her love. Her guided process brought me to a deeper connection with myself I had never experienced before and it still resonates strongly within me. Her technique is truly unique and something that can only be experienced. I am forever grateful to her for opening me up to my “womanhood” and for reclaiming my life.”
D. Chen

“Gina Cloud is a goddess of a woman. I was experiencing some pretty significant feminine issues including severe PMS with irregularity, extreme fatigue, pain and heavy blood flow that prevented me from living fully for at least three days.  She invited me to a guided healing session with her and since then my cycle has been regular, pain free and normal flow without fatigue. I was able to fully function through out my entire cycle. Her guided meditation totally ROCKED my world and I am forever GRATEFUL for Gina and her gifts.  So much love!”
Kristina Italic 

Much love and gratitude,

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