A New Definition

a celebration of all women and a reflection of what it is to be a woman today

Gina Cloud demonstrates in her life and her teachings that you can dance your own path.  You don't have to do what you're told or play by the rules that you did not write.  She carries in herself an authentic, creative, individual womanhood.  Her passionate, fierce, and playful engagement with life inspires us all -- women and men -- to be true to our unique and divine nature.

Tim Ward, Author of Savage Breast: One Man's Search For the Goddess

Gina Cloud is amazing!! She is so what I'm about: Women being in control of their lives and the way they can bring children into this world. I recommend this book to all women everywhere, especially mothers.

Ricki Lake, Producer


I’m very excited to be introducing my book,  W.O.M.A.N. A New Definition, AS A DOWNLOADABLE E-BOOK IN BOTH ENGLISH AND SPANISH.  This is a work from my heart and I hope that it will inspire, educate and empower you. It is intended to be read over and over again.

Please enjoy it and share it with everyone, both men and women. It is part of my mission to bring my GinaCology Revolution to the entire world, and W.O.M.A.N. is a big part that!

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About the Author

Gina Cloud is the creator of GinaCology, a lifestyle, health and wellness revolution,  where she is a speaker, consultant, author, and  natural beauty/life coach, educating hundreds of thousands of women worldwide. With over 25 years of expertise in her field, Gina empowers women to live fully awake and alive by breaking free of the media’s influence on how they relate to their bodies, each other and men.

Her radically unique approach transforms women’s lives from the inside out as she helps them rediscover the self-love and self-esteem that has always been deep within them.

Gina is the author of “W.O.M.A.N., A New Definition,” as well as a contributing author to the National and International bestseller, “The Power Of Being A Woman.” She has passionately delivered her message through various media channels, with live speaking engagements such as the TEDX conference and others, as well as guest expert appearances on Ricki Lake, Playboy Radio, KPFK Pacifica Radio,  The Rolanda Watts Show, and more.  She has also hosted over 150 episodes of  her own radio show “Redefining Woman.”

Originally created for and intended towards women, Gina’s powerful and life-changing work has evolved to include men as well, as many struggling with intimacy, sexuality and relationship issues are drawn to the powerfully healing and life-changing nature of her work. The workshops she has created for women, men, couples, and adolescents has made her an innovative expert on a wide range of topics such as body image, intimacy and sexuality with self and others, natural beauty, hormones, environmental toxins and their role in our lives. She also coaches clients on these topics through the U.S. and internationally.

Gina is the mother of a 21-year old daughter and currently lives in Los Angeles. She is passionate about information as it relates to our lives as women, and finding ways to honor and celebrate the feminine wisdom and power we possess, as well as helping men and women come together in relationships that honor and celebrate our inherent differences. She is deeply committed to her own personal transformation and to teaching self-empowerment to others in a way that brings forth each person’s authentic self.


What Readers Have to Say...

As the subtitle promises, Gina Cloud's W.O.M.A.N. presents the reader with a redefinition of what each and every Woman could be: a Wild, Open, Magical, Authentically-empowered Nectar being - if only women themselves, and the society they live in, would let and encourage them to be thus self-fulfilled. The book is a remarkable manifesto, written by a sparkling personality with a passionate voice; a mixture of daring vision, personal experience and a sharp, critical eye for the many facets of our society that seem to conspire to keep woman confined to a very limited set of stereotypes. The author shows how, if WOMAN would redefine herself according to this new vision, she would rather be dancing wildly than be a `good girl', would love and nurture her own self as well as others, could liberate herself from the various straightjackets that have been imposed not only by patriarchy but also by feminism, by the medical profession as well as the mainstream media, by church, state, neighbors, mothers, fathers and - worst of all - by the very men who profess to love Her. This book is a perfect gift ... for yourself and others. Read it once, read it twice, and then leave it someplace where it will be found by husbands, lovers, sons or daughters. W.O.M.A.N. is mainly written for women, of course, but there's much in it all genders should know.


Rufus C. Camphausen

As soon as I cracked the binding of this beautiful book, I was inexorably drawn into Cloud's wild, warm, wonderful world of W.O.M.A.N. What a refreshing, affirming place to be! Cloud offers a "definition" of W.O.M.A.N. with poetic punch. You can practically chant the prose. Her rhythmic revaluations of the tired, woman-hostile stereotypes we can't seem to stop recycling are pointed and effective. It is such a relief and inspiring too to hear Cloud celebrate the *movement* of W.O.M.A.N.'s lives--bodily, emotional, and spiritual. And I was absolutely delighted to find someone who finds in dance as powerful a transforming, life-affirming practice as I do. W.O.M.A.N. is a book to en-joy!



W.O.M.A.N. by Gina Cloud is more than good book, it is profound work. Filled with EQ (Emotional Intelligence), Gina has found the definition of being a woman which encompasses the balance of strength, feminine attributes, sexuality, and individuality. Although written primarily for women, men who want to unlock the Rosetta Stone to the language of their female counterparts, should not only read this once, but twice and study it. Women who think they are independent and strong, you may want to think about your own self-definition. Thank you Gina, W.O.M.A.N is important societal work, and long overdue in our ever-changing culture.


Richard Bosworth

This book really accomplishes the difficult task of using poetic yet very direct and understandable communication to convey leading edge, ground-breaking insights, and I would go so far as to says truths, regarding today's WOMAN and every aspect of Her. It combines humor with thought-provoking ideas. My man and I are really enjoying reading it together as it encourages great, open, intimate conversation on both our parts. It's a must-have book in today's quickly evolving world!


Lori M. Barkley

In a work of heart (as Gina refers to it) that won't allow you to put her on you nightstand until you've finished, Gina Cloud poignantly and openly urges all of us (men and women) to let go of anything we thought a woman is "supposed" to be, and invites us into an experience of W.O.M.A.N.- a new definition.

This should be a handbook for the human race, as it helps us re-discover the amazing 5 different facets that W.O.M.A.N. represents....and as we read, she blows our minds and opens our hearts, inviting us to celebrate this magical journey with her. A book you will pass on, and read over and over!


Sherri Axe

'W.O.M.A.N. A New Definition' by Gina Cloud embodies everything society needs to seek and achieve true beauty. A joy to read, it contains deep insight and enlightenment on how to maximize the body, mind, and soul. Gina Cloud gracefully delivers a message to women without ostracizing men in any way. As entertaining as it is educational, 'W.O.M.A.N. A New Definition' is spiritually fulfilling with an attractive compassion rarely seen.


Charles L. Miller Jr.

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