Inspirational Talks

Inspirational Talks

Gina Cloud is an author, creator of the GinaCology Revolution, inspirational speaker, talk show host, natural beauty expert, and women’s health advocate who offers new pathways for women to reconnect with their authentic selves – inside and out, and from the inside, out. Gina Cloud is available for inspirational lectures, workshops, and radio and TV appearances. She speaks on many topics relevant to both women and men. Below are some of her signature talks. For bookings, CONTACT GINA.


“Women are exploited biologically, sociologically and personally,” says Gina Cloud, who coined the powerful acronym, W.O.M.A.N. – Wild, open, magical, authentically-empowered nectar. “ It’s time for images of woman that are woman-made. Gina’s inspiring talks connect women and men alike with the mystery that is woman – her essence, beauty and truth. “The true beauty of who we are has been lost or exploited by the media in all its forms,” she says. “Empowerment is from the inside out, not the outside in – and so is beauty.” Her enlightening presentations explode the myths and misinformation put forth by our culture, the media, and the mainstream medical community, and her new formula for becoming who you truly are is part goddess, part feminist, part revolutionary – and all W.O.M.A.N.


Anti-aging is a concept we see promoted everywhere, but there is no such thing!! We can’t stop aging or reverse it. During this talk, Gina will explore how to embrace aging gracefully and naturally, with a focus on health and self-esteem, and the idea that by adopting and embracing mainstream beauty definitions, we ultimately betray ourselves and our own inherent beauty. There is no such thing as anti-aging and when we resist the idea of aging, we are creating more stress in our already stressful lives. As women, we are bombarded with anti-aging media campaigns everywhere we turn. As we age, we come to believe that we lose value in a society that over emphasizes external beauty and youthful appearances. Many of the ways we try to fight aging are actually damaging to our health and well-being. My approach to health and beauty is an inside/out one, instead of society’s current model that addresses the external. The deepest beauty that a woman can embody comes from her connection to her true authentic self. How you feel from within determines whether you are beautiful, and when you are beautiful to yourself, you are beautiful to the world.


In this signature talk based on Gina’s book, W.O.M.A.N.: A New Definition, Gina introduces the principles and methods for living a W.ild O.pen M.agical A.uthentically-empowered N.ectar filled life. Gina explores the meaning of each letter in the powerful acronym and ways you can live more fully and freely empowered as a woman, in your inner life, your sexuality, your body and your relationships.

  • Living W.ild

    How to live in integrity with your Wild Woman, that inner self that embraces  your sexuality fully and freely
  • Living O.pen

    How to open from the heart to find our feminine strength and essence .
  • Living M.agically

    Celebrating the wisdom of your body; from your menstrual cycle, to empowered birth, to the wisdom of menopause. We have gifts as women through the magic of our bodies that most women NEVER experience. Gina explains how to connect with this vital and integral part of being a w.o.m.a.n.
  • Living A.uthentically-Empowered

    Who are you REALLY, what is your truth, your beauty, your gift from the inside? Learn how to uncover and share that gift with the world.
  • Living as N.ectar

    Reconnect with your beauty, your sensuality, your femininity, joy and playfulness. Find your essential style of expression. This is THE full expression of living all of the above and it’s already inside you


Did you know that appearance and body image are the no. 1 shame triggers for women? Did you know that women spend most of their expendable income on the “beauty” industry, but in reality it’s the “chasing youth” industry?

In this perspective changing talk, Gina explores beauty as a way of life.
Beautiful is not something you become, it’s something you already are. This talk will help you learn to access the tools that will allow you to strip away the negative programming that our world and society at large have taught us about beauty and about ourselves as women.


In this truly life-changing talk, Gina will share with you a perspective unheard of in our modern world and Western culture: The idea that our menstrual cycle is a gift of life and part of the mystery of W.O.M.A.N. Equally as unheard of, she will share the idea that PMS is actually Powerful Monthly Sight (Her redefininition) that allows women to get clear and honest with themselves monthly, providing us with an opportunity to make important changes in our lives that honor who we truly are. Once you are able to live with these honoring truths, your life will change profoundly! You won’t want to miss this unique way of seeing these two maligned experiences in women’s lives!


A bold, non-blaming exploration into why men turn to pornography and the hold it can have on their lives and its effects on their relationships. The journey to authentic empowerment is no different for men than it is for women. Men will learn to look inside to find the key to living a life that honors themselves, the women in their lives, and women and girls in society.


This is a revelatory presentation for men! All the things about women that perplex men are explained, from our menstrual cycle, the PMS that men are all too aware of, the true nature of women’s sexuality, how to communicate effectively with women – and so much more. Gina breaks it all down for men and includes lots of time for Q&A. Her goal is to help men not only live more easily with the women in their lives; be they wives, girlfriends, sisters, mothers or daughters, but to also honor and support the feminine all around them, and to bring out the honorable man in all men.

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