The Intimacy Of Tango Workshop

The Intimacy Of Tango Workshop


“Real Intimacy isn’t the nakedness of the body, but the vulnerability of the heart.”
– Gina Cloud

5-week series (local in Los Angeles) or 3-Day Intensive anywhere in the world: TBD, Location & date

The longing for intimacy is a deep human desire.  We most often seek it outside  of ourselves in the form of another, through romantic relationships, but the true intimacy we long for is in the relationship we have with ourselves. What we seek in another already exists and is available to us within ourselves.  Yet those intimate relationships are our greatest mirrors which allow us to see ourselves clearly .  When we fall in love with another, we fall in love with the goodness in ourselves.  And when we reject the other, we are judging ourselves through the projection onto them.  When we love them, we are loving ourselves.  When we withhold love, we are rejecting ourselves.

Tango, to most, is just a beautiful dance, but it is truly an alternate universe which is a microcosm of so much we are struggling with in our everyday lives in the area of intimacy.  As a tango dancer and facilitator,  I realized that many of the tools and principles we use to learn and dance tango are perfect practices for healing this area of our lives.

THIS IS NOT A DANCE CLASS.  I am not teaching tango.  I am using tango practices to reveal, teach, and heal.

Whether you are single or a couple, this workshop is designed to help you identify and remove limitations in this area of your life.

The principles of tango offer a powerful way to practice working through fears and blocks to intimacy that both men and women struggle with:

  • Fear of rejection

  • Fear of not being enough

  • Fear of not being seen

  • Fear of being too much

  • Fear of vulnerability

  • Fear of commitment

  • Fear of surrender/trust

  • Fear of sexual intimacy

This workshop is an experience that will bring you into a deeper, more intimate relationship with yourself, which will allow for deeper intimacy with others.   We will not ask you to write and talk your feelings or process them in the ways that you may be familiar with – THIS IS AN EXPERIENTIAL WORKSHOP.  Through actual physical practices, you will recognize and uncover blocks you may have been completely unaware of, as well as the tools to release and clear them.


  • How to identify and remove blocks around revealing yourself (aka being seen)

  • Where you feel most vulnerable to rejection

  • Your greatest fears about intimacy

  • What your body language is telling others

  • The difference between masculine and feminine energy in intimacy (regardless of gender)

  • What your deepest desire for intimacy looks like

  • Why discernment is a key to intimacy

  • How to trust the unknown

  • How to surrender, willingly

  • How to connect deeply with yourself, partners and others.

  • How to maintain intimacy while resolving conflict

Guided by Gina Cloud,  In this totally safe and loving environment, and with much humor, you will experience a deep transformation in this most important area of your life…

Gina Cloud is the creator and founder of GinaCology, a 10-tenet path for women to live fully awake, alive and empowered, from the inside out, free of media influence.  She is the author of “W.O.M.A.N: A New Definition,” and a co-author in the national and international bestselling book, “The Power of Being A Woman.”  She is also a women’s health expert, speaker, life coach, tango dancer and a mother .  She has hosted her own radio show, with more than 150-episodes, as well has being a guest expert on many radio and TV programs.  Her passion for empowering others comes through her words and her presence.   She is deeply committed to helping every human being awaken to  and live through their fullest potential.


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